About Us

Starkim LLC has been operating since 2012 alongside with having ISO 9001 Certification and has been providing sale services of various industrial paints for local and foreign companies. Starkim LLC focuses on sustainable development, customer contentedness and resource enrichment. It guides us to meet the needs of your company, increase job satisfaction and improve working conditions.

Why Starkim?

Being honest and demonstrating the right behaviors is important in fulfilling our responsibilities as veracious citizens and supporting their healthy development in the communities we work in. Therefore, honesty is one of the core values that we define as the cornerstone of our corporate culture, who we are, what we do, and how we behave. Starkim strives to create an environment where integrity and accountability are developing and focusing on compliance. In addition to usage of the Code, Policies and Guidelines of Starkim Company, taking advantages of good sense and discernment will always be sufficient to ensure the precise implementation of the business.

Our Services to the Customers:

  • Our friendly, experienced staff treating its jobs with responsibility
  • Eco-friendly dyeing products of various sizes used in industry
  • Timely delivery of all types of dyes without limit problem